Love at First Lunge on your Total Gym!

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This Valentines day, set up a hot date for a party of one that’s guaranteed to leave you sweaty and breathless.

Looking for reservations and a menu to sweat?… I got you covered…. With a luscious leg workout that will not only strengthen, sculpt, and tone your muscles, but will also elevate your heartbeat covering your body with a sweaty glow!

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I want to celebrate with you through a heartfelt workout that is so addictive, you will want to do this all month long! It’s sweet, yet fierce. Simple, yet challenging to burn out your lower body.

So, Will You Be Mine and give your legs some love by lunging with a sweet and sexy workout on yourTotal Gym? I hope you say yes! Because this sequence will show your legs the love they deserve! It will be Love at First Lunge… that’s a promise!

Power of Lunges

For the love of lunges! Love them or leave them, lunges are an excellent choice when strengthening and conditioning your legs. Lunges stand out as one of the best exercises for your legs due to their versatility and effectiveness. They target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, leading to comprehensive leg development.

Lunges also engage stabilizing muscles, enhancing balance and coordination, which are crucial for overall athletic performance and injury prevention. Additionally, lunges can easily be modified to accommodate all fitness levels by varying the range of motion, the angle, and stance! Overall, lunges offer a dynamic and efficient way to build leg strength, endurance, and flexibility.

So, let’s get lunging into this workout and give your luscious legs some love!

Lunges Lover Workout

This workout is designed to train smart, keep it simple, and spice up your typical leg day. Here’s how the lunge sequence works:

• 3 lunge variations: The workout contains 3 different lunge exercises that train your legs in various angles.

• 3 tempos: Each exercise will be performed in 3 different tempos; basic count, super slow, pulses.

• Reps: You can choose if you want to perform the workout by reps (10 / ex) or by performing the exercises for a set time (45-60 secs). For the purpose of this blog, I will structure the workout around reps.

• Sets: 1-3 sets (both sides) based on your timing

Beginner-Intermediate: Perform the lunge with all tempos on one leg, then immediately change to repeat on the other leg. Alternate sides until the sequence is complete.

Advanced: Perform all lunges, all tempos on one side before changing legs. Burn baby burn!

Challenge: Increase the challenge by incorporating additional resistance (hand weights, kettlebell, increased reps, additional set, etc)

Total Gym Set Up: Low Incline

1. Reverse Lunge

• 10 reps Basic Count (even rhythm)

• 10 Super Slow

• 10 Pulses

2. Lateral Lunge

• 10 reps Basic Count (even rhythm)

• 10 Super Slow

• 10 Pulses

3. Curtsy Lunge

• 10 reps Basic Count (even rhythm)

• 10 Super Slow

• 10 Pulses

Show Me The Love

It’s a pure joy to see you training hard on your TG with the workouts I’ve created especially for you, the TG Community. So… If you love this Lovely Lunge workout, show some love and let me know!

Take a sweaty post TG selfie, be sure to tag ME on social media: @GROOVYSWEAT and be my “Love at first sight” highlight! 💋

Happy Valentines Day Lovers!


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