Lucky Moves: 4 Total Gym Exercises for Your Ultimate Workout!

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Are you ready to get lucky with your workout routine? I’ve prepared the ultimate Total Gym workout to help you achieve your fitness goals and feel like a pot of gold!

Since March is known as a “lucky month”, it seems only right to create a workout that contains three of the luckiest moves you can do on the Total Gym.  Each of these exercises are designed to target specific areas of your body that help you reach new heights of strength, core power, and stamina.  These are some of the most important traits to develop when improving your performance skills!

Here are a few benefits that makes these Total Gym exercises your lucky charm this month:

  • Dynamic Glide Board: The Total Gym’s glide board provides smooth and controlled movements that maximize muscle engagement and minimize joint strain.
  • Versatility: From strength training to flexibility work, the Total Gym offers a wide range of exercises to suit ones fitness needs, making it the ultimate lucky find for anyone looking to shake up their routine.
  • Efficiency: With the Total Gym, you can achieve a full-body workout in record time, leaving you more time to enjoy the finer things in life – like soaking up the sunshine or chasing rainbows!


While there are so many amazing exercises to perform on your Total Gym, these ones have been carefully selected that earn there way to become the “lucky moves” of the month! Why so lucky? These exercises were welded to target multiple muscle groups within each single move.  As a result, you will maximize your training time which in turn will provide you the greatest success for the effort you put in.

Without further do… I proudly introduce the top four Total Gym movements that will help you perform your best in the sports you play, actives you engage in, or to just feel your best each day!  After including these movements into your workout, you will understand why these exercises are the pot of gold at the end of your fitness rainbow!

  1. LEGS: Leprechaun Lunges (no accessories attached)
  • Reverse Lunges will work magic for your muscles on your Total Gym!
  • Feeling like you need a little extra luck in the strength and balance department? Say hello to the Leprechaun Lunge! This dynamic move targets your quads, glutes, and hamstrings while simultaneously improving your hip flexibility, balance, and stability.
  • The beauty of performing reverse lunges on the Total Gym lies in the glide board’s ability to smoothly glide you into the reverse lunge position while allowing you to expand your range of motion with each rep. Talk about luck in motion!
  1. LEGS: Bridge your Lucky Charms (Squat Stand attached)
  • Craving an exercise that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve hit the jackpot? Look no further than Bridges to shape your Lucky Charms! This playful exercise not only strengthens your glutes, hamstrings, and thighs, but it also conditions your abdominals (whole torso) for a full-body burn.
  • The Total Gym’s glide board adds an element of luck by providing constant resistance and challenges your stability throughout the movement, helping you build endurance and sculpt a rock-solid body with every bridge. Get ready to leap into action and feel the luck coursing through your veins!
  1. PUSH MOVE + CORE: Pot of Gold Plank Push-Ups (Squat Stand attached)
  • Ready to take your planks to the next level? Try giving Plank Push-Ups a whirl! This powerhouse “push” exercise targets your chest, shoulders, arms, and core while also improving lower body strength and stability.
  • What sets the Plank Push-Ups apart on the Total Gym is its ability to accommodate users of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or a total beginner, the ease of adjusting the incline makes it possible to achieve accommodate all strength levels to ensure a safe and effective workout every time. With each push-up, you’ll feel like you’ve struck fitness gold!
  1. PULL + CORE: Posterior Shamrock Shapers (Cables attached)
  • Embrace the luck of the Irish with the Posterior Shamrock Shapers! This powerful “pulling” exercise targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously including the back (upper, middle, lower), shoulders, and core.
  • This move promotes balanced muscle development and functional strength while utilizing the dynamic nature of the glide board.
  • It’s a lucky charm exercise due to its ease to accommodate all fitness levels by adjusting the incline and body positioning on the glide board (seated, kneeling, high kneeling). This results in an efficient workout that saves time without sacrificing results!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your green gear, hop on your Total Gym, and let’s make this March your luckiest one yet! With these four lucky moves in your arsenal, the sky’s the limit when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

Here’s to feeling lucky, fit, and fabulous! 🍀💪🌟


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