Summer Ready 1: Total Gym Hot Body Workout

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Summer Ready 1: Prep Your Muscles with a Total Gym Hot Body Workout

Maria Sollon, MS, CSCS, PES

There’s nothing better than feeling, looking, and being in your best shape for the summertime!

As the seasons change, so should your fitness routine. Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life into your workouts and get your body primed for summer. If you’re looking to revitalize your exercise regimen and sculpt that summer-ready physique, I have you covered with a Total Gym Hot Body circuit workout that combines the best of cardio and strength to challenge your muscles!

The Cardio Strength Summer Solution

With longer days and warmer weather arriving soon, there’s no better time to maximize your workouts and make the most of your time. A cardio strength circuit offers the perfect balance of heart-pumping cardio and muscle-building strength exercises, allowing you to torch calories and sculpt lean muscles in one efficient session on your Total Gym.

By combining cardio and strength training, you’ll not only boost your metabolism and burn fat but, you’ll also maximize your time to improve your overall fitness. Plus, the high-intensity nature of circuit training ensures that you’ll continue to torch calories long after your workout is done, making it the ultimate summer sweat solution!

Seasonal Workout Shift

Winter was so last season… and Spring is about to be in the past too!  So, hopefully you’re taking advantage of these seasonal transitions and making the most out of your workouts too!  If you have not checked out a previous blog post that helps transition your body from a winter workout to a spring endurance routine, check it out here! TRANSITION WINTER TRAINING INTO SPRING ENDURANCE – Total Gym Pulse (

It’s another great workout that complements this new Hot Body Workout and can be performed on alternating days to keep your muscles challenged.

SUMMER READY: Total Gym Hot Body Workout Circuit

Get ready to sweat with this powerful cardio strength circuit that will help prepare your summer-ready physique!

Total Gym Set Up:

  • Level: medium – moderately high level
  • Accessory: Pull Up Bars, Hand Weights, timer APP or timer clock

Time Commitment:

  • Approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on your pace and fitness level.


Warm-Up: (5 minutes)

  • Perform your own dynamic warm-up with exercises that help to prepare your body for the workout ahead.
  • Perform 10 reps per exercise

Hot Body Circuit Intervals:

  1. Goal: Alternate between cardio and strength intervals.
  2. Perform: 45 second timed intervals/ exercise, 15 seconds of rest following.
  3. Sets: Aim to Complete each circuit twice, then move to the next circuit.
  4. Option: If time is limited, perform the exercises as one big circuit once.
  5. Finisher: Once all 3 circuits are completed, perform the core finisher challenge.

Cool Down: (3-5 minutes)

  • Perform a series of active or passive stretches that target the worked muscles.
  • Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds.


  1. Pull Ups (overhand grip)
  2. Reverse Lunge +any arms for a challenge (Hand weights)
  3. Jack Squats (floor)



  1. Pull Ups (underhand grip)
  2. Lateral Lunge Rotate (1 Hand weight)
  3. Skater Leaps (floor)



  1. Pull Up Pulses
  2. Fly Crunch (Hand weights)
  3. Lunge Hops (floor)


CORE FINISHER: Wide Mountain Climbers

Be sure to check out the video to see how this cardio strength circuit is performed on your Total Gym.

This Total Gym Hot Body Workout will condition your body to have sculpted arms, chiseled abs, and toned legs in no time. So Spring into action today and let’s make this your hottest summer yet!

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